1. Who is “Pips Markets”’s liquidity provider?

“Pips Markets” offers outstanding liquidity from trans-institutional networks. We’re linked to major banks and forex market participants at all levels.

2. Is “Pips Markets” a dealing desk broker?

No. As an ECN broker, we never trade against you, and we fill orders rapidly and efficiently, minimizing possible losses.

3. What kind of services does “Pips Markets” provide?

“Pips Markets” is an international forex trading firm dealing in over-the-counter forex contracts. We provide access to the interbank forex market including major and minor world currencies.
We offer STP (Straight-Through Processing) via the Metatrader 4 platform, a web-based platform, and various mobile platform apps.

4. How can I open free demo account?

To open a Standard Demo account, click here or one of the “Open Demo Account” Buttons anywhere on the site, then fill out the registration form.

Your Demo account is good for 30 calendar days from the date of opening.

5. How can I open a live account with “Pips Markets”?

Opening a live account with us is quick and easy. Click here or one of the “Open Live Account” Buttons anywhere on the site, then fill out the straightforward registration form.
After you enter your information, you will receive an email with your account login, passwords, PIN code and Meta Trader 4 Platform server.

6. What documents do I need to provide to “Pips Markets” in order to open an account?

You will need certain identity verification documents to open your “Pips Markets” account. For details, see the Open Live Account page.

7. How can I deposit money to my account?

You need to have money in your live account in order to start trading. Send money quickly and easily using any of the following methods:

Bank wire transfer
Credit card deposit
Transfer from your existing forex broker

Please remember that your funds must clear before you can begin trading.

8. How can I withdraw my money?

Just submit a Withdrawal form. Withdrawals are processed within 1 business day.

9. Do you accept U.S. clients ?

Unfortunately not.
“Pips Markets” welcomes clients from across the globe, but US CTFC regulations prevent us from working with US clients at this time.

10. Do I have to make a certain number of transactions each month? How long I can keep my account inactive if I’m not trading?

“Pips Markets”sets no minimum number of transactions required to maintain an account, and we do not deactivate accounts for inactivity. You may have up to 100 trades open at the same time.

11. Does “Pips Markets” offer bonuses?

No, and we advise traders to be wary of “free money” and the firms that offer such incentives.“Pips Markets” makes money fairly from commissions, and as such, we do not need to offer financial incentives to sign up potential traders.