Negative Balance Protection


In PipsMarkets Ltd, we are committed to help your account form negative balance.

In a such cases, when clients failed to balance their accounts due to volatility of markets, PipsMarkets will reset their accounts balance to zero. This happen automatically when client’s account balance become negative for all types of account.

There are few standard ways to protect your account from negative balance in PipsMarkets:

Placing your Stop Loss reasonably will help you
to protect funds on your account from crucial and fast changes in prices and the market volatility.

Leverage is another important tool to manage your risks.
The higher the effective leverage is, the higher the
potential risks and the profit are.

It’s important to realize that not all transactions may be profitable, that’s why one should be very attentive to the volume and the number of open positions and orders on the account.

PipsMarkets cannot guarantee the compensation on following cases:

Misuse of this guarantee
In cases of abnormal market situations and exceptional market volatility
If the client isn’t a retail one

The Company reserves the right to exclude any client form the program in its sole discretion without giving any reasons.